When you fill out your date survey located in your account after your purchase, you will have the option to select from a list of foods you would like to avoid.

The following are listed as our current food restrictions: Alcohol, Nuts, Fish, Dairy, Meat, Gluten, and Caffeine

We currently only cater to those 7 restrictions at this time and cannot guarantee or provide alternative recipes to things not on that list (for example we currently do not have a "sugar free" option).

You can select as many of the options above as you would like, and it will help narrow the types of foods we send to you to avoid sending you something you cannot fully enjoy/use.

If an item you cannot consume is not listed above or if you have a food preference not listed, please reach out to support@thehappily.co and ask if that is a preference we can help with.

Additional Notes:

1.) Some food preferences we cannot cater to at this time such as "sugar free" or strict diets/lifestyles such as "Vegan," "Keto," or "Paleo"

2.) Some dates may include alternative recipes or suggestions to make it allergy friendly, such as a dairy free or gluten free recipe. These will be listed in the recipe and marked as "gluten free friendly" or "dairy free friendly" respectively.

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