If you are ever missing items and instructions in your datebox please ensure to do these steps first:

For Missing Instructions:

  1. Check the box thoroughly, as well as the packaging, as different instructions will be throughout the box in different locations. (for example: a recipe card may be in a small pouch with some of the ingredients for the recipe, while date prep will be on the inside sleeve of the box when you open it)

  2. If you have checked all of the packaging and the box, and still don't find or see instructions contact us at support@thehappily.co and we can send them to you directly! 

For Missing Items

  1. If you think you may be missing an item in your date first be sure to check your "welcome to your date/what's inside" card (the first card that appears when you open up the box) and go through each item to ensure you received them. 

  2. If you are missing any of those items listed on that card contact us at support@thehappily.co and we will be happy to help further! :) 

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