Ultimately the answer to this question is up to you, and how willing you are to deal with a little bit of communication difficulty. But if you're in a long distance relationship you're probably a little bit used to that, yea?


Digital Date Subscription 

Our digital dates are definitely going to lend themselves to being more appropriate for a long distance relationship. We send them out in a PDF format via email, so it would be easy for both of you to be looking at the date at the same time. Just forward the email, or pass on the link to the Digital download, and you're on your way.

Physical Date Subscription 

Our physical dates might not suit a long distance relationship quite as well. We only ship out one box, so only one side of the relationship would actually receive physical items from us. You could still take part in the conversation starters, and some of the other activities that don't require a physical object to do.

If your partner visits you frequently (at least once a month) then this is a great option to do together! 

Other Happily products 


Our classes will be a great option to grow and strengthen your relationship regardless of where you currently are in your relationship. 

These can be shared online, and are a great way to interact and do something impactful with your partner to grow your relationship! 

Love Notes: 

Is your partner currently in the states while you are overseas? Are you both living in separate cities? 

Sending a love note to any U.S. address is a great way to send a reminder to your partner that you care about them! 

At this time Love Notes can only be sent to 50 states within the U.S. so please keep that in mind when ordering one. 

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