You may change your subscription plan at anytime, however any changes will not take place until your next renewal date. For example: if you are on a 3 month plan, and want to change to a 6 month plan, you will not be charged for the new plan until you are up for renewal at the end of your original 3 months.

Our 3 and 6 month plans allow you to receive a discount by pre-paying for multiple months of dates. This means you'll be charged for all 3 or all 6 months at one time. We'll still send your dates out once per month.

Steps to change your subscription:

  1. Login to your Happily account. Click here to login.

  2. Navigate to the Subscription screen of your account. You can find this in the sidebar menu if you are on a Desktop, in the menu toggle at the top right of your screen if you are on a phone/tablet, or by clicking here to go directly to it.

  3. Under the Current Plan section, click "Change Plan".

  4. Choose the plan that you would like to switch to.

Thats it! You're all set. Your old plan will be set to cancel, and your new plan will be schedule to take affect on your renewal date. 

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