Happily subscriptions:

Your Happily subscription automatically renews and is charged on the 1st of each month. Your date then ships out around the 10th of every month. In the event that you forget to cancel your subscription, and we send you a date, we are unfortunately unable to provide a refund. 

You can however immediately set your account to cancel to ensure that you do not continue to be charged when your subscription renews again.

Happily Product (Outside of a Subscription):

If you receive a Happily product that is outside of a subscription (such as Love Notes, Classes, Premium Dates, etc.) and are requesting a refund, these will be granted on a case by case basis (and the product will likely have to be returned first).

Some products will be excluded from refunds such as Love Notes, while others that can be returned in good/unused condition may be granted a refund. 

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