There are several ways you can send and order a gift from Happily!

You can buy any of our products such as Love Notes, Wedding Planner's, or other Happily merchandise by visiting our shop page. :) 

You can also purchase a Happily gift subscription for digital dates, One Month, Three or Six Month datebox gift subscriptions by visiting our Gifting page.

Happily gift subscriptions work much like purchasing a gift card. We will send a unique code to the gift recipient that they can then redeem for a Happily subscription.

During the checkout process you are able to choose a specific day you wish for your recipient to receive their gift code. Surprise them whenever you want to!  :)

Additional Notes:

  • Gifting does not automatically sign up your recipient for their gift subscription. They must redeem the code under their own account. This allows them to enter their own information, shipping address, date preferences, etc.

  • Once the gift recipient has redeemed their code, we will begin sending dates to them.

  • Gift orders do not auto-renew if they are made through the gifting portal, so you will not need to worry about auto-renewal charges. 

  • Gift codes are emailed within 24 hours from the purchase or on the later date you choose. Please allow up to 24 hours for the gift to be delivered via email if sending immediately.

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